We accelerate business processes through tailored AI solutions.

How we can help you

Through business analysis and artificial intelligence, We enable you to reach your full potential by making the right decisions, predicting the future and automating tasks. Our team of skilled IT specialists combines business analysis and cutting-edge machine learning technologies to turn your data into valuable insights. We meet companies where they are when it comes to the use of data - whether it is the first thoughts about the possibilities behind artificial intelligence or it is the implementation of the final solution.

Past work

We have a history of delivering successful solutions to a range of clients. Some of our proudest cases include partnering with KH-Online ApS with synthetic text generation, Teal ApS with development of their retirement and financing platform and Skatteguiden ApS with data analysis, and forecasting of critical periodic events to reduce server workload.



With an analytical approach, we map the possibilities for data-driven business strategies and how the latest technologies can be used to solve your specific problem.



Data is analyzed and benchmarks are established. With predictive algorithms, the possibilities are concretized so that the optimal implementation can be achieved.



In a close agile collaboration, the final solution is prepared so that the value can be realized immediately.

Get to know us

We are a group of IT specialists with primary experience in transforming data into business value. We believe that people should be creative while machines do routine work. We originate from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen where we still have our office is at the Machine Learning section.


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