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At NovusCortex, we are the premier choice for organisations seeking exceptional AI solutions. We are four founders, all Data Science specialists from the department of computer science at the University of Copenhagen, who came together with a shared vision of solving real-word problems with artificial intelligence. Our team of seasoned professionals is equipped with advanced analytics, cutting-edge statistical tools, and a wealth of expertise in multiple modelling strategies and technologies. We understand the importance of delivering real value to our clients and that's why we take a consultative approach, taking the time to understand their unique challenges and goals. At NovusCortex, we are dedicated to building long-lasting partnerships and delivering the highest level of quality to our clients. With a focus on delivering results that drive meaningful impact, we are the partner of choice for organizations seeking to harness the full potential of AI.

Ronnie Andersen
Founder, Business developer & ML consultant
Ronnie's background in both computer science and business provides him with a unique perspective on Data Science. At NovusCortex, he works closely with clients to understand their business processes and develop effective solutions.
Thomas Puggaard Hansen
Founder & Data Scientist
Thomas is a versatile Data Science specialist from the University of Copenhagen with a focus on delivering practical solutions. At NovusCortex, he has worked on projects that include mail sorting models, cataloguing items from free text to a database, and full-stack development for Penly. He is dedicated to using his expertise to drive meaningful impact for clients.
Christoffer Øhlenschlæger Hansen
Founder & Data Scientist
With a background as both a Data Science specialist from University of Copenhagen and a full-stack developer, Christoffer brings a unique skill set to NovusCortex. He has a track record of delivering innovative solutions, as demonstrated by his work with a client that resulted in a decrease in peak external server workload by over 50%.
Rasmus Thyge Aavang Jensen
Founder & Data Scientist
Rasmus is a Data Science expert from the University of Copenhagen who has a deep understanding of complex statistical models and algorithms. At NovusCortex, he has played a crucial role in projects such as estimating default rates and credit scores for a client, and generating GDPR-compliant synthetic data.
Laust Skov Hansen
Student Developer consultant
Laust studies Computer Science specializing in Data Science. His qualities include a strong sense of IT system structure and always hold each delivery to a high standard. On top of this Laust has experience in administration of projects spanning across teams and organisations.

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